Интерактивная стена

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The projection system - an interactive wall or - interactive screen is a combination of modern digital and projection technology with the ability to dramatically revitalize the interior of almost any space and create an unusual effect on the projection wall. The possibility of using interactive walls are now more extensive. But the main and distinctive feature of this interactive projection system is to change the position of graphics depending on the movement of a person or a simple wave of his hand. An infrared camera captures a person compares it with the interactive effect, because the movement of people busy doing video effect.

Due to the possibility of using the included software and sensor Kinect, you can create a variety of interactive effects of high resolution. It can be a variety of fields with emerging flowers, live fish tank responsive to movement, etc. Possible to change the image information in the effects of their own, so supply any information in an interactive effect is transformed into a spectacular presentation.


Integration of advertising into amazing entertainment experience
Image Details walls come to life
Flexible images of different types and sizes
excellent visibility
Contains huge information
Responds to human movement and interacts with it.
Management of hand gestures


The entire system is mounted on a common base metal

mini-computer, a built-in cabinet with Windows 7 OS
The software to choose from, that can be designed for you
IR camera tracks the change of coordinates
Wide-angle projector with a power light output - 4000 lm. (Or other)
USB key
Cables and management


Проектор Интерактивная стена


The system is placed under the ceiling in such a way as to make minor changes in the appearance of the place. If the location in a false ceiling, the system is mounted above it. The fastening system is fixed to a rigid base.


No particular limitation to a system. Wall color values ​​has virtually no, since most projectors have a color correction image. Coverage is necessary if the wall is non-uniform color and it degrades the image. In this case it is recommended to stick white laminated film or hang white banner.

Power supply:

Is powered by the AC voltage of 220V +10% - 10%, with a capacity of not less than 1000W. The system consumes less than 300W.



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