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Интерактивный пол

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One of our projects - interactive floor projection system is a combination of modern digital and projection technology that allows you to dramatically revitalize the interior of almost any space and create an extraordinary video on the floor. The possibility of using interactive floor became more extensive. Main feature of the system and interactive floor that an object that is in the area of projection, its movement begins to individually influence the system, opening previously closed area or moving objects in the image, unconsciously getting your information embedded.

"Live" interactive floor: toy advertising medium and unusual interior decoration!

Today, interactive floor - a popular outdoor projection, the ability to react to any movement. Everyone who enters the zone of activity of interactive projections, the actions makes the image come to life right before your eyes. This can not but amaze and impress almost anyone!

Not all people have time to see and immerse yourself in the wonder of this advanced technology. This flooring can make a beautiful floor into a real advertising platform company, shopping mall or hypermarket, cinema and entertainment venue, hotel, club or casino.

Floor displays can revive and surprise, turning into all sorts of images that rivet the attention and arouse interest. Advertising platform, decorated with the help of an interactive floor - this is an innovation that will not go unnoticed, will not leave anyone indifferent!

The benefits of interactive floor

Interactive floor allows you to:
- Full configuration effects;
- Projecting content management;
- To gather statistics;
- Receive notifications by e-mail;
- Generate reports.

Advertising company using this technology will not only surprise your loyal customers, but also attract a lot of new ones

Thanks to modern technology, the interactive floor have a mass of useful features and capabilities such as:
- Automatic sizing of the image;
- Creating maximum accuracy of transitions from one effect to another;
- Carrying out the coating operation in real time;
- The use of a sound system to amplify the impact of advertising and attract more attention;
- The reaction is not only the dynamic, but fixed on the gestures;
- The ability to interact with multiple people at once;
- Is intuitive and simple interface for the introduction of new effects;
- The possibility of a complete automatic control of advertising;
- Graphics, as close to reality;
- System just over the internet.

Some examples of interactive effects, possible effects of individual development.

Full list of interactive effecs

Interactive floor in children's room will serve the best magic toy fun and exciting for both the child and the adult. Clearance can be so as far as the imagination! "Alive" or interactive floor display is capable not only to entertain the whole family, but also serve as a most unusual modern home interior decoration


When installing interactive floors are usually equipment is placed on the ceiling, the main requirement - the presence of a rigid foundation. This method of attachment will not break the overall design of the room and not cause inconvenience in use. The very setting the projectors, you can determine the brightness depending on the ambient light of the room. Also produced double or triple system that allows extended to the desired projection.

The great advantage is that the flooring in the building does not affect the installation of an interactive floor and has no restrictions for the projection. The only thing that can stop a bit - this is non-uniform color of the floor, which is able to degrade the image. The way out is always in the form of a laminated film is glued white.

Our company offers a variety of interactive equipment, ready to work, you only need to install and enable by selecting your algorithm effects. You can order the installation of projectors of different brightness depending on the lighting of your room.

Setting effects and replacing images, video, audio

Manager control is intuitive and simple, here you can create a time line of interactive effects, modify any images, audio and video content, speed, and other parameters. 

Coverage for the projection

Anyone, no limits for the projection is not. Color of the floor has almost no value, since most of the projects have a color correction image. Coating necessary if the floor is uneven color and degrades the image. In this case it is recommended to stick laminate film (abrasion-resistant for outdoor graphics) in white. 

The size of the projection

At the height of the ceiling:



3 м projection size 2,5 м х 2 м


4 м projection size 3,4 м х 2,5 м


5 м projection size 4,2 м х 3,2 м


6 м projection size  5 м х 3,8 м


7 м projection size 6 м х 4,4 м

(Data are for Panasonic Projector with power light output - 4000 lm.) The system comes under the conditions of the customer by any projector, to achieve the desired spot projection. The lamp is necessary to learn from the description of the projector

Проектор интерактивный пол

Power system

Is powered by the AC voltage of 220V, with a capacity of not less than 1000 watts. The system consumes less than 300W. Projectors, depending on the type.


The entire system is mounted on a common base metal

Mini-computer, a built-in cabinet with Windows 7 OS
Software and interactive effects to choose from, which can be developed for you
IR camera tracks the change of coordinates
Wide Panasonic projector with the light output - 4000 lm. or another.
USB key
Cables and management


Our company is a direct manufacturer of equipment for the interactive floor. We use only high-quality components

On this website you can find the value, and buy Interactive floor.

If you are looking for custom and high-end solutions - interactive floor system - that's what you need today!

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