Интерактивная витрина или видеовитрина

Интерактивная витрина

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We suggest you turn an ordinary storefront, window, glass door into a unique tool supply promotional information. Interactive showcase or videovitrina repeatedly cheaper plasma, LCD and LED screens and has no limitations in size. This new advertising, projection surface has a lot of potential in the advertising market, as it is widely applied in various fields. Ability to broadcast any visuals makes the system flexible in terms of supplying the necessary information at the moment. The image remains the same alive contrast and bright regardless of lighting, and can have various shapes, such as a logo or a product form.

Video showcase of the future - instead of mannequins from the past

Interactive video showcase - field of dreams for a healthy and effective modern marketing. The idea of inventors is not static - it keeps pace with technological advances that will undoubtedly affect the frequency of occurrence of a new high-tech equipment. Not spared in this regard side and outdoor advertising. Bright neon, LED and other bright and original signs, light boxes and billboards seem common, standard and long bored. Potential buyers are paying for them just as much attention as and videos on TV. A completely different scale took a new miracle of technology - video showcase.

The benefits of interactive video showcases

The effect of surprise, which is the hallmark of such displays, not only attracts potential buyers, but also to ordinary passers-by who happened to be nearby. Allowing any passerby could be the most that neither is a potential buyer. Perhaps, the usual sign is not conspicuous, and people did not even know about the existence of your shop or beauty shop, barber shop or cafe. And then, willy-nilly have to hold opinion, wonder to watch, and then take advantage of an invitation to enter.

Interactive showcase: a new look at advertising

Static mannequins in the windows, no matter how pretty and, at first glance, they may be alive, slowly losing ground. In the face of fierce competition, many shopkeepers and cafes do not spare money for an efficient, ultra-modern and bright advertising, designed for large flow of people, and not to an individual and a group of potential patrons.

Video Showcase is designed to engage passers-by in direct contact, thereby forming a positive attitude towards the brand. Some interactive showcases allow real-time through the catalog and see the store range even at a time when it is closed. Other videos show showcases the product on offer each other in the direction of the flow of people. So, it is very convenient and interesting walking down the street and stopping to read the latest collection of shoes for the upcoming season, or the latest in movies, find showtimes and exhibitions.

Especially suitable video display units for advertising gadgets and other modern technology - you can clearly see all of the features of the products. And not just to see, and try his own hand.


The principle of image projection is that the film rear projection screen or projection Vision and glued onto the glass using a projector, the film / screen broadcast video effect. This equipment is assembled and begins to work. The compactness of our system allows to change the place of use, you only need to remove and install a new location by performing a simple setting. Thus, you get a system that will serve you, wherever you want, by projecting an image onto any surface.

Showcase is a regular projection and interactive projection.

Interactive video showcase in addition to the regular video series enables you to use our software to get real image on the glass to react to human movement, thus people become part of the advertising process, unwittingly.

Watching from the side of the people that fall into the area of ​​interactive shop window, it's safe to say that not remain indifferent, despite the age of the person. Passer understands that by its movements along the windows, there are various graphical objects that carry advertisements, which he may not need it, but he already took it.

This technology has no limit on the size accordingly applicable to any glass surface.

Проектор Интерактивной витрины

Vision Projection Screen

Used by our company projection screen Vision-sheet neutral gray color, specifically designed for imaging by reverse projection, and thanks to the special properties of the sheet normal image is formed on both sides of the screen simultaneously.

 Technical information

Made from high quality acrylic sheet stamps Vision made in Ireland.
The neutral gray color allows you to play the natural shades of color in any lighting conditions.
Do not appear "hot spots" are often produced using conventional screen / projector.
The difference gain an optimal choice of the screen being used. Recommended for use with high gain "direct pointing" and the lowest - in other corners. (Gain - a measure of brightness as compared to conventional opaque white screen).
Stiffness of the screen prevents it from accidental or malicious damage, which are often subject to fabric screens.
With a laser screen Vision can give almost any shape that gives freedom to designers, allowing the screen to move away from the traditional rectangular shape.
Screen Vision can be curved, and it not only opens up new prospects for designers, but also provides a significant increase in the angle of view.

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