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Our company produces interactive bar, which is a system of interactive design of any bar. It is based on an interactive effect and detects movement of the user's hands on a table or the bar, and creates an amazing virtual effect on the surface, which are sure to impress your clients.

We will help you to turn a dull surface of the bar or a table in the hall, in a lively and entertaining. Your customer will see under the effect of the information you want to present (stocks, advertising), as well as be able to play around with interest in the interactive game waiting for your order.

Interactive bar is available in two versions: the projection of the upper and lower projections.

Interactive bar top projection

It is a ready-made solution for the bar installed in a room where you do not want to change the design of the bar and location. The system consisting of a projector, a computer and a mini camera installed above the surface of the bar, fixing made ​​on the ceiling or on any supporting structure.

The projector is aimed at the surface of the bar, projecting the image effect of interacting with the movements of the hands of man. Thus it is possible to close the interactive effect of any length and width of the bar. This option is much cheaper than all the other options on the market (see the value of interactive bar)

Similarly to the advantages include quick installation system, for which you can apply in the future design decision to conceal from the eyes of visitors.


Example of bar top projection

Интерактивный бар верхней проекции

Or rather projection system also can be used for entertaining guests institutions, placing on tables or other surfaces, thereby offering customers any video ads or interactive effects.

This innovation will provide your establishment as nestandarnoe leading up to date modern business. You can create, change at any time at the request of the information you want to present to the visitor. We will help you to design, build and install these systems on the basis of the conditions of the terms of reference. Will provide full technical support and learn to use the system, return projections.

Interactive bar rear projection

Interactive bar lower projection is a bar counter ready to be installed in any room. This rack is a single structure, ready for use. Turn the glass on the bar image appears interacting with the movement of the hands of visitors.

Projectors and mini-computers hidden in rack cabinet, metal frame, trim can be any at the request of the customer. So the product is vandal-proof and splash-proof Turn. Our company produces ready-made modules two meters long.

Interactive bar lower projections can be made of different lengths on request. All interactive effects brendiruyutsya under your conditions. It is also possible to continue using self-change effects and video information to place advertising on the surface of the bar. Our company provides full technical support for the product and has warranty.

Example of bar rear projection

Интерактивный бар нижней проекции

We produce standard module 600mm x 2000mm x 1200mm, using a single projector, thereby reducing electricity consumption and heating of the structure itself.

Exterior finish is made of metallized plastic or stainless steel Sibu. Fast and accurate Correction on the movements of the arms, the replacement of the background image is not high soimost turns the usual bar counter as an instrument of entertainment, as well as the online advertising space.

On the website you can see their bids on systems, as well as a bar and Buy online.

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