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Imagine that in your normal city apartment, cafe, shop, school, suddenly there was a football field, river or lake surface, star trail, trailing behind you as you walk around the room, but just enough space to children and adults can be play hopscotch, skakalochki other outdoor games. How is it? - You will be surprised. By the expansion of space, or what? Well, that's impossible. It is only in science fiction novels, but in fairy tales happen. And that's right! To all these amazing effects were in your house, just enough to buy one of our latest projection systems with interactive games.

Interactive games to choose from: sports, educational, cognitive

he real treasure of civilization became interactive games for children - educational, sporting, educational as well .... interactive adult games, roulette, football, etc. This super-modern design, based on advanced digital projection technology and allows the use of virtually any floor covering as the playing surface that will react to every movement of people on the surface. Interactive games - popular children's entertainment. Increasingly, there are interactive floor coverings with different themed areas with large concentrations of people - trade and leisure centers, cinemas, airports, play room for children and schools.

The best option for a child's education has always been and will be a game. It is capable to transform this routine is not always an easy process in a dynamic, exciting action. Education in the form of the game and is used in kindergartens and primary schools.

The benefits of interactive games

Generally the kids love interactive educational games. Whether it is a mosaic, puzzle, puzzle games, tetris, checkers or chess, alphabet, kids will always be interesting to get to the point where everything is so clearly, bright and unusual, because everything happens due to the slightest movement of the hands or feet. And how delighted child would start to study, for example, geography, when a geographical map will literally come to life before your eyes: an interactive surface can easily be moved to the jungle, the desert, the highest mountain in the world, or the seashore..

A children's interactive mobile game! How much joy will play hopscotch, football and badminton are not on the street and at home. And you do not have to worry about broken windows or soccer ball tableware. And how fun and exciting can be any holiday, passing the house. After all, interactive games for adults - too fun. You can organize the party with the most incendiary dances. You do not have to be special equipment for music CDs: Is it worth to get up on the dance floor - and the system turns on itself, and even offer special effects.

It's exciting, original, unusual, unique - so you can spend the time when you have interactive games for children and adults. Buying the projection system, you gain the ability to create their own world: it is enough to enter the zone of projection, and the system will respond to your every slightest movement, from which will depend graphic effect, and the game. And everything will happen in real time. The system incorporated a lot of options for different games, but the team is always ready to develop something new just for you!

Some examples can be developed on request Idividualny.

Detalized list of the effects

The effects are, change images, video and audio.

Manager control is intuitive and simple, here you can create a time line of interactive effects, modify any images, audio and video content, speed, and other parameters.

Technical description of interactive games

The system is easy to operate, its installation does not require any special conditions. The entire system is mounted on a single base metal. size 400x400x300mm

The complete system includes:
Mini-computer, a built-in cabinet with Windows 7 OS.
Software including interactive effects to choose from.
IR camera that tracks changes in the coordinates.
IR illuminator.
Wide-angle projector.
USB-dongle, as well as cables and control.

All equipment - high quality and meets the safety requirements.

Power supply is coming from the AC voltage of 220V, with a capacity of at least 500 watts. The system consumes less than 300 watts.

Do not be afraid that all these projectors, cables and cameras distort the appearance of your home. After all, the biggest part of the system - this is the projector, and it's mounted on the ceiling (if the room has a false ceiling, the system is mounted above it). The projector can be of varying brightness depending on how well your home lit.

It does not matter what kind of flooring you have, no matter its color, as in most projects is the adjustment of colors in the image. But if your floor is uneven color, it can degrade the image. In this case it is recommended to stick to the place in which to drop the projector beam, white laminated film (abrasion-resistant for outdoor graphics).

But the height of the ceiling in your home has a value: the higher it is, the wider the spot projection. For example, when the ceiling height 3 m in size of the projection is 2.5 m to 2 m at a height of 4 - 3.4 m 2.5 m 5 m - 4.2 m 3.2 m and so on. But if you want to have great sex with interactive games, and the ceiling height does not, do not worry: you will put at least two, even three, at least ten of projection systems, and the projection area of ​​the stain will be increased to the desired size.

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