SAPPHIRE  Technology


SAPPHIRE Technology company was originally established as a manufacturer and global supplier of graphics cards, the company ATI (now a division of AMD) began using the model of partnership mergers (Add-in Board - AIB) to bring its technology to market. SAPPHIRE company has become a leader in the market of graphics processing units. Later, the product range of the company SAPPHIRE was augmented with a wide range of motherboards and many other developments, including the award-winning series of mini-PC SAPPHIRE EDGE.


Dataton Watchout

Dataton Watchout software allows for various decisions made ​​wide screens, scale, manage the process of joining a number of displays. Built for the Windows platform.



The company was founded in 1995 and was called the "League-Spring", we are very well made ​​in the field of IT-technologies and have gained credibility and trust among customers and large company. Especially proud that we are working with government agencies from different regions of the Moscow region.


The use of projection films 3M produces images of unlimited size on glass surfaces, high quality. The company ZM - dynamically developing multi-international corporation with a century of history and a long tradition. The company produces thousands of unique products and a leader in many areas of production, from materials to health care products for home and office.


Global Media Group (GMG)

Typography full cycle produces all kinds of printing services of any complexity various methods of printing - offset printing, digital printing, screen - from one instance to large runs. It seems any post-press finishing: listopodbor, folding, stitching, BSC, wrapped in the spring, UV coating, lamination, embossing and hot stamping, and more.



SANYO создает технологию, ведет научные исследования и разрабатывает продукцию с учетом самых передовых достижений науки и техники. Компания стремится полностью удовлетворять потребности сегодняшнего покупателя, который не только очень хорошо информирован, но и озабочен проблемами охраны окружающей среды.





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