Our company is selling a new generation of interactive whiteboards

24 July

Our company is selling a new generation of interactive whiteboards

Interactivity, visibility - these concepts have become the attributes of the human mind. We are much better remember information, to process that, when it is perceived by us in the form of images, pictures, graphs. In the school office, in the conference hall corporation, a small company head office - everywhere come to the aid of interactive whiteboards. "Whiteboard sale" - the most frequent searches procurers of all levels, from the head of school management, to the deputy director of a large organization. And this, of course, not surprising, as with the boards always had a lot of problems!

Included necessarily have to buy a projector, projector lamp power relate to the technical parameters boards, organize installation of wires and connections. Still, something was not right: once the wires class resembled a laboratory cable channels irritated gathered in the conference room. A never-ending replacement bulbs? A constant struggle with the shadow? In general, for interactivity, visualization and multimedia capabilities have always had to pay the convenience and comfort.

Now it's safe to say that this is in the past. New Project Touch interactive whiteboard without a projector and work carried out on the basis of LCD monitors 55 and 60 inches. What is the main difference from their predecessors?

 The integrated system: the PC is integrated into an interactive whiteboard.
 The system of multi-touch allows you to work with the multiple touches simultaneously edit, scale the image as you wish.
 Modern user interface of Windows 8, which supports touch technology.
 Sales of interactive whiteboards Period - more than 7 years.
Sales of interactive whiteboards Project Touch has determined the development of multimedia presentation in general. New boards are convenient, easy to learn and meet all modern requirements.