Multitouch interactive whiteboard 55 and 65 inches.

15 July

New touch interactive whiteboard with OC Windows 8.
Interactive projection company manufactures the latest multi-touch interactive whiteboard without a projector, based on the large size LCD monitors are ideal for use in the educational process. Interactive touch-sensitive large-format boards are equipped with built-in PC, which can be used for a variety of training and presentation applications, both in the classroom and other areas of information.

Series of interactive whiteboards Project Touch allows users to conduct a visual discussion of different material to make digital notes, then keeping the modified files - all this with a simple touch of your fingertips.

Screen sizes 55 "and 65" series boards do a good solution for office executives, meeting rooms for small and medium-sized, and for a variety of classrooms and other activities.

The main difference from the projection interactive whiteboards, is the lack of projector stootvetstvenno no shadows and the need to darken the room. Replacing the bulbs in the projector now deysviya is not necessary, because the average multi-touch whiteboard resource is 100,000 hours.

Fixing the whiteboard on the wall is made with metal bracket. The board has a protective glass. Bright, clear images on the board provides a screen resolution Full HD. Mutisensornaya interactive whiteboard, this new party and special interactive whiteboards in the education process.

With the software, Smart Notebook board will be indispensable in the classroom, providing you with all the possibilities of work and construction activities in preschool and secondary educational institutions.

We are manufacturers of multi-touch interactive whiteboard. You can buy an interactive whiteboard by calling 8 (495) 5076227 and 8 (495) 5045192