KFC opened a flagship restaurant in Moscow

09 August

In the heart of the capital near the metro station Mayakovskaya opened after restoration flagship restaurant KFC

The restaurant seats 300 and is one of the biggest digital menu - more than 10 meters in length! This unique all - from design to multimedia content restaurant.

As commented Oleg Pisklov, CEO of YUM! Restaurants International Russia & CIS: «It really is a unique place that has no analogues in Russia. Our plans are more ambitious than, as in the future we want to equip such advanced equipment and other stand-alone restaurants. "

From the street, visitors to the restaurant attracts a large video wall (interactive wall) area of ​​4 square meters. meters, which broadcast images of products KFC, as well as special offers and promotions. Guests are greeted at the entrance interactive floor that responds to movement. Images are changing throughout the day. In the morning, for example, the guests 'rake' coffee beans.

Radically changed the entire inner face of the restaurant, furniture, posters and paintings in a contemporary style, lighting. The undoubted highlight of the restaurant - chairs, created by French fashion designer Philippe Starck.

No less serious in KFC came up and the music filling the restaurant. In the morning, the restaurant sounds modern melodic vocals, that combines funky-disko-jazzy-latino. At lunch - a charge the hottest dance tracks. Guests dine at a nice restaurant progressive and electro house.

Unusual for a restaurant multimedia solutions designed specifically for the young and active people take into account recent trends in youth culture. These include, for example, include the service insta.kfc.ru, which scans Instagram, VKontakte and Twitter, and collects all the photos tagged with # KFC. Thus, the guests take pictures and publish them on social networks, and in just a few minutes required for moderation, pictures broadcast on all screens in the restaurant.

Specific words deserves a multimedia center, set in one of the halls. From a technical point of view - it's 92-inch touch-screen, high-quality projector, a few HD-cameras and controllers, Kinect XBOX 360 console. All together, united by a remote system access and control allows you to implement a virtually unlimited number of interactive mechanic, limited, in fact, only by the imagination.

In the development of a multimedia center is also not without an unusual and very interesting technical solutions. First, to start the game you need to make any purchase at the restaurant and store cash register receipt. Printed on each check a unique code, which you want to scan. Second, the player who showed the best result in the history of the game, the prize is rewarded on the spot: the code of the prize is delivered instantly to the player convenient way by sms or email.