The history of the company.

«Interactive project» - project in the group of companies "GMG". Starting with the production P.O.S. materials for HoReCa, expanded the scope of activities, offering customers non-standard advertising vehicles. In 2008, we introduced new products - Interactive floor and the installation of three-dimensional image Motion Pro, which gave jolt to the development direction of «Event-technology." Interactive floor still is our "calling card". We strive to offer customers the advertising media that will not only attract attention but also positively perceived by the consumer at the expense of non-standard forms of information. To date «Interactive project» became itself as a manufacturer and supplier of unique advertising equipment for indoor and outdoor advertising, the entertainment industry, trade shows and other events.

Reports about us on TV channel "Russia"

Interactive apartment. This is not the distant future and not the plot fiction work. This new, advanced technology.

German engineering company, an interactive projection which made ​​a revolution in the advertising business, has created an interactive wall that are sensitive to touch. Engineers from the Russia, as always, have simplified and improved the new technology. A computer program and a projector, so all you need to broadcast images of the device that can be operated without contact with the surface.

Now, to design interactive image can be any, not even the prepared surface. The walls, ceiling and floor - any plane is suitable for interactive broadcast..

Control image is not on the screen and on different planes flat. This we have only seen in science fiction films, but today it can benefit everyone. Technologies that were previously used for advertising purposes, crossed the threshold of our apartments.

How it looks and how it works, in the video channel "Russia".

The company's mission

Design, manufacture and supply of new products in the field of interactive advertising, creating new opportunities for product launches and services.

Our clients

KFC,Nestli, Philip Morris, Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Baccardi - Martini, Heineken, Baltica, Amstar, Sweetly, Unilever, The State Academic Maly Theatre and many others.

Development plans.

We see the future of interactivity in two directions: the improvement of existing structures and the introduction of new non-standard advertising media. Our design team continues to work on upgrading the basic interactive design, contributing to the development of the market of high-tech advertising media. At the same time, we provide a constant search for new solutions and offer the best technology in the global market.

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